Energy Healing can change your life

  • Waking up and feeling like it’s going to be the best day ever
  • Going to work and feeling safe, secure in the knowledge that you are ‘enough’
  • Having clarity about who you are and understanding yourself
  • Going to bed feeling as if you have absolute support in being you, having lived this day in the now

This is possible for you!  With energy healing, meditation, and shamanic practices you can shift onto the next level and this could be your reality… and more.

I can help you

  • Re-energise throughout the day, feeling that you have abundant time for yourself
  • Eliminate the negative self talk in your head
  • Luxuriate in relationships that are joyful, tender and fulfilling

I am truly grateful to you Paula, for your amazing serenity, ability to tap into issues which I wasn’t even aware of, and for helping me to heal. You have been instrumental in releasing blocks, which had they continued would have been a bugbear for the rest of my life. – Karen Bashford (The Money Goddess)

Phone today 075 050 62183 or email and we can explore if this is the right time for you.

One to one sessions and long distance by skype

Tuesday 0800-2000
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Saturday 1000-1700

East Grinstead, West Sussex RH19 4RT

‘the connection for a heart centred mind, body and soul’

Paula Adams

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